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To open TIMESTAMP file you need to have ESRI software installed. ESRI software (Environmental Systems Research Institute) produces GIS (geographic information system) software. Timestamp file is one of a files which is used to lock ESRI GDB database. If this file is present it mean that database is locked. Below are steps on how to remove a lock from GDB database:

  • If the geodatabase is stored on a network drive, determine by which user or machine the lock is held. The machine name that holds the lock is contained in the name of the lock.
  • From the machine in Step 1, close ArcMap or ArcCatalog.
  • Refresh the geodatabase folder in Windows Explorer. Check if the lock has been removed.
  • If refreshing the geodatabase does not remove the lock:
    • i. Launch Windows Task Manager.
    • ii. Click the Process tab, and end the ArcMap or ArcCatalog process.
  • Check if the lock has been removed.
  • Similar file extensions

      • LOCK file - File used to write lock information
      • ISO file - Image File Format

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